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Are you willing to help Ukrainian refugees in IJsselland to improve their mental health and reduce stress?

GGD IJsselland is looking for volunteers who are interested to help fellow Ukrainian refugees in IJsselland in reducing psychological distress and improving wellbeing. We will do a pilot implementation of Problem Management Plus (PM+), which is a program developed by the World Health Organization that is aimed to improve mental health and wellbeing among people affected by crisis and adversities.

What is PM+?

PM+ is a program in which the participants learn strategies to deal with their daily stress related problems. PM+ consists of five individual sessions in Ukrainian or Russian. By becoming a PM+ helper, you teach participants the PM+ strategies in several sessions. This knowledge will help them to better cope with their daily problems and to experience less stress.

Training for helpers

To become a PM+ helper, you need to complete an eight-day training about the strategies of the PM+ program. After that, you can start teaching these strategies to others! Throughout the program, you will receive weekly supervision from a professional psychologist together with the other helpers.

Who can become a helper?

  • Volunteers aged 18 years and above;
  • You can speak the Ukrainian or Russian language well;
  • You can speak sufficient English;
  • You will be able to attend all 8 training days;
  • You are available for ± 1 day a week for a duration of at least 6-months;
  • You are interested in helping others;
  • You are empathetic and have good communication skills.

Helpers will be offered volunteer-contracts after they successfully complete the training. A certificate of participation will be provided to trainees. Attending the training of helpers (8-days) won't be paid. A voucher worth €70,-  will be given for participation. The interviews for the position will be arranged in September 2022. The helper’s training will take place in October-November 2022.

Are you interested?

Please share your interest by sending your CV to the emailadress below.

Any questions are also welcome!

Rob Sardemann

31 6 20395801



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